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First Visit

We Listen to You!.

On your first visit with Steve, be prepared to have a lot of information given to you.  Steve conducts a thorough evaluation of your medical history.  He listens to you, asks you about your health complaints, and looks at you and at every aspect of your daily life and surroundings.  He has very specific tests from selected laboratories that he requests you to take to help discover the cause of your conditions.  Many of these tests require a physicians order.   Steve works with your primary care physician or if you don't have a regular physician, he has numerous excellent physicians or nurse practitioners with whom he is affiliated.


Please bring any current lab tests, sorted in chronological order, medications and supplements.  You will need to fill out this form:


It is recommended that you write out any questions ahead of time so you feel that you had your specific questions answered.

  • One time new patient fee:         $290 for 1 hour

  • Follow-up visit:                          $180 for 1 hour

  • To review test results:              $90 for 30 minutes

  • Phone Consult:                          $90 for 30 minutes

Master Card or Visa Accepted

Because Steve is a naturopath and not a medical doctor, he does not treat nor diagnosis any disease.  Unfortunately, this also prevents his services from being billable to most insurance companies.  However, all of your medical and supplement costs can be reported toward a medical deduction on your tax returns.



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