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Private Membership to Serve You Better!.

Our office conducts business as an Indigenious Health Care Practitioners Association per advice our legal counsel.  Working under this structure, we effectively change the jurisdiction from "The Public" to "The Private Domain."


This new way of doing business affords us much more latitude in the services we can offer to our members.  Any person wishing to purchase certain products, receive certain services or be consulted by Steve Hines must become a member.  The annual membership dues are $ 35 US for an individual over 18 plus $5 for spouse and each child under 18.


If you have previously been a client of Hope Wellness, it will be necessary to become a member of the new association before any future visits or consults.  We apologize for the inconvenience but our legal counsel has assured us this is the best thing we can do to protect us from all anti-holistic government agencies and that non stop assault on our medical freedoms.


To become a member click for the "membership application"  simply sign it and fax it back to us at (325)223-2853 or scan and email to:


Thank you,

Steve Hines

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